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Management Systems Consulting, Inc., was founded and began it's corporate status in 1998 as an Information Technology Consulting company.  It had it's roots with it's founder, Skip Stein, having established himself as an IT Professional with an impressive background represented by successful business engagements and business experience from Europe to Hong Kong and across the USA.


As the business matured, so did it's founder and associates and we have broadened our business enterprise interests well beyond the limited scope of computers and information technology.  In today's world the Planet is getting smaller as networks, on-line communities and social networking expand into every facet of our human lives.  In addition knowledge is expanding exponentially and the need to communicate succinctly is more important than ever.


As new business opportunities presented themselves, many were seized and folded into the organization as subsidiary organizations.  As a result, MSC, Inc. is now involved with international business, Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, it's health & wellness products and services, and our most recent venture, Plant Based Road Tripa travel enterprise.


As these new businesses developed over the years, they have evolved their own web presence and support vibrant internet domains with offerings of information, products and services.  MSC Web Services, our newest offering provides you with your personal email and web site focused on individuals and small businesses. See our Corporate Sites page for details and links.


True to it's primary business focus, we have maintained our focus on consulting services, they have just been broadened quite a bit.  While we have added selected products to our mix, we continue to deal primarily in consulting and advisory services.  These services span the Information Technology realm, the Travel and the Health & Wellness industries.




Skip    Stein

Management Systems Consulting

Multi-National, Global Experiences

          Electronic Business Flow Management  & Electronic Transaction Flow Analysis

          International Import/Export business process integration

          Computer Resource Management Review &  Analytical Assessment

          Enterprise Resource Planning Conversion & Implementation

          Financial Cash Management, Concentration and Funds Transfer

          EDI and eCommerce Integration Business to Business Process Management

          Manufacturing Systems Conversion, Integration & Deployment

          Retail & Merchandising Systems with Integrated Manufacturing

          Healthcare Systems Consolidation and Regulatory Transaction Compliance Implementation

          Information Technology Internal Controls, Procedures & Methodology

          Internal Audit and Financial Systems Information Technology SOX Compliance

          Publically Traded Company Defensive SOX Remediation & Practices

Related Application Expertise

Business/Industry Expertise


Related Technical Expertise



Cash Management


Inventory Control


Order to Cash

Procure to Pay

Banking Interfaces



SOX Audit

Manufacturing (Kanban)


Sarbanes Oxley

Commercial Banking & Finance

Distribution & Shipping

Oil & Gas, Petrochemical


Healthcare - HIPAA

Resort/Hotel Management

Project Management

Integration Analysis

Electronic Business Flow Management (EBFM)

Electronic Transaction Flow Management (ETFM)

Computer Resource Management (CRMR)


JD Edwards

Other ERP Systems

Documentation & Procedures


Other Expertise


Midrange - iSeries

Mainframe zSeries

Distributed Desktop

Client Server (Fat/Thin)

HTML/XML Assembler, PL/I, Cobol, RPG, Fortran



Computer Resource Management


MS Project

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Internal Controls IT Audit

BS University of Houston

Certified Data Processor (CDP)

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

USA Citizen