A New Beginning
Skip Stein
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The End of a Company ~ A New Beginning


March 12th, 2017 was sort of a sad day.  I filed my last 1020S. After some 20 years, I closed my company, Management Systems Consulting, Inc., a Sub-S corporation.  No one wants to hire a consultant that knows too much and is over 73!  I will be devoting most of my time to Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and its related activities, focusing on helping others prevent/reverse disease.  My gateway to my business interests is HJS Enterprises.


I have traveled the world, working in China, Europe, Canada and all across the USA.  I have met and worked with some truly amazing people over all these years and many, many, remain my friends.  Thank you, all of you!


It has been a grand adventure but with several new business ventures I’ve begun over recent years I have no fear of boredom!  Actually, I am busier than ever.  I find that IT Consulting is a fairly narrow and restricting career, but working with PEOPLE to help make them healthier is a wondrous activity.


Surviving deadly cancer can certainly change one’s perspective and it certainly did mine; ALL for the better I might add.  Now  over 74+ (March 20th) I focus on ‘paying it forward’ to help others and pass on what I have learned and experienced since my deadly diagnosis. SURPRISE, I’m still alive!


Still Alive, kicking and actually maybe healthier that I have been in decades.  I certainly have more energy than ever.  I can’t take all the credit; most of it actually belongs to my lovely wife, Nancy, who has put up with me over these past 30+ years.  She was phenomenal and continues to be.  She is now Certified in Plant Based Nutrition and a Plant Based Chef, all the while learning to prepare healthy meals for me as I fought/surmounted my cancer.  Now as Chef Nancy, she has written a book about our journey and the delicious meals we enjoy.  I hope you consider purchasing “Restoring America’s Health”; available on Amazon.


So, I put Management Systems Consulting, Inc., into the archive along with all the memories and experiences I have enjoyed.  I think the next 20 years or more might be even more productive and I expect, definitely more FUN.  If you or a loved one, ever need help with combating disease, recovering from illness or just want to avoid getting sick by preventative measures; please give me a call!  We gave a DELICIOUS approach to Health & Wellness to offer!


Experience Counts!



I’ve decided to step back into the Business Consulting World with my extensive background in Information Technology and refocus my skills towards growth in the field of Whole Foods for Health & Wellness with a focus on Corporate Wellness Programs.  As a polymath individual I am combining these skills allows me to provide a Unique Consulting Service focused on Total Company Health which encompasses both Productivity and Profits.


I address both technical/business processes as well as employee health & wellness with proposals for Business Improvement and Corporate Wellness Programs.  Combining these two areas will enable dramatic savings by reducing expenses and increasing productivity.  In my research, I cannot find a single, not one, other company or consultant who offers this unique blend of expertise and service!